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Based on the Award Winning short film, Atomic Battle Hero Fighters bring the action to your phone or mobile device. You Are Alex, a young boy who is sucked into a portal to another reality, where he must earn abilities and powers to find his way back home. 

DINO DASH: Hunt or be hunted

A cave man and his pet Dino hunt and gather to stay alive. Will you find enough to eat? Set traps, run from predators, gather supplies and harness fire! Enjoy this action packed thrill ride that obviously takes place in another world because dinosaurs and humans never lived together.

Steam Girl: Lost in the Sky

Ginny has only known life in the belly of the Airship Tanica, where she raised to fix the engines as a steam girl. Crawling thru pipes where only the nimblest can go. But now she’s getting older, and she must escape to the fabled “Land Below” before she’s called up to be slave to the ruling class.


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